The first seed

In yogic philosophy, the Sanskrit term Bījā (बीज, pronounced: Bee-juh) is used to denote the origin or cause of thoughts, actions and things. It is worthwhile to explore the mighty meaning hidden behind the simple word, since it holds a lot of merit if we adopt it to our daily lives…

Grab a glass of water, settle down by grounding deep into your hips and join me on this philosophical exploration of ‘Bījā’ or seeds of thoughts, actions and things.

Just like a seed is the start of a plant, that then becomes a sturdy tree – so does our energy transform and evolve from the intention (our Bījā/बीज/seed) to our actions and eventually, the results.

It is no surprise then, that so many life coaches even today recommend that we examine how we start our days. How we approach the first few moments of a fresh new start holds the secret to some of the different ways our day might unfold for us.

For example, if we start the day with worry for the tasks we have ahead, we may miss the opportunity to notice the sunrise that will only ever be as unique as the one today. And that one action often spirals into the chain of actions that end up making us feel as if we are ‘rushing’ through the day or simply ‘have too much’ to do.

What if perhaps – we chose to start the day just a little differently – tuning in to our breathing first instead of reaching out for our phone & perhaps mentally acknowledging something we are truly grateful for as we step into the day, what shifts in our mind and body may we see? I invite you to be brave and give it a try tomorrow.

If you need some inspiration on what different daily rituals could look like to set your intention beautifully for each new day (each practice being less than five minutes), head over to the ‘Resources’ section of this website to download a printable worksheet.


As the writer Annie Dillard astutely said:

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”

May we choose to honour each day with the right intention, allowing ourselves to explore the day with right action so that we may look back at the months and years to see an enriched life…

with love and gratitude,

Damini Yogini


More content to follow on accessible, practical insights from ancient yogic philosophy. Please share your email via the ‘Contact’ page if you’d like to stay updated or write in with a follow up question.

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