Trust, and the rest follows

Recently, I started telling myself to “trust the body”. It’s a new personal mantra of sorts that I have started mumbling under my breath, as I slowly make my way back to full health after an intense health experience. And whenever I subconsciously start using words, I take a moment to read up on whatContinue reading “Trust, and the rest follows”

Our Strength is our Svādhyāya

As yoga practitioners committed to extending our awareness beyond our exercise mats, a common question that may occur is: “how do I know my practice is bearing real fruit?” A starting point is the observance of the third Niyama propounded by sage Patanjali: Svādhyāya (Devanagari: स्वाध्याय). In its simplest translation, Svādhyāya means “self-study”. Svādhyāya isContinue reading “Our Strength is our Svādhyāya”

Ahāra-monious growth

The Sanskrit word āhāra (आहार, pronounced: AA-ha-r) is synonymous with food or ‘nutritional input’. And if we grapple with this notion of ‘food’ a little more, a question crops up…can ‘food’ be more than just what lies on our plate? When we think of our bodies, the definition of ‘āhāra’ is fairly straightforward…what we eatContinue reading “Ahāra-monious growth”