1:1 Personalised Online Classes (90 min, once a week) covering a thoughtfully curated sequence including:

Āsanas (Postures), Prānāyāma (Breathing Techniques and Prānic Vidya), Mudras (Energetic Locks and Seals), Nāda Anushandhāna (Sound Healing) and Yoganidrā (Yogic Sleeping Techniques)

Online Group Classes (60 min, once a week) available for:

• Yoga for Recovery (recommended for runners, athletes, gym goers)

• Yoga for Desk Based/ WFH Employees (recommended for those with a sedentary and busy lifestyle)

• Trauma-Informed Restorative Yoga (recommended for parasympathetic system activation, chronic illness patients)

• Chair Yoga (recommended for elderly or movement-impaired)

• Yoga for Women (women-only class focussed on hormonal rebalancing, emotion culture and wellness)

• Meditation, Mudras and Mantras (beginner-friendly, age and gender inclusive)

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