Trust, and the rest follows

Recently, I started telling myself to “trust the body”. It’s a new personal mantra of sorts that I have started mumbling under my breath, as I slowly make my way back to full health after an intense health experience. And whenever I subconsciously start using words, I take a moment to read up on whatContinue reading “Trust, and the rest follows”

Finding Purpose in the Practice

We’re all familiar with the age-old adage of “practice makes perfect.” But what is it that we are trying to ‘perfect’ through yoga? In other words, what is the purpose of our practice? And how can knowledge of our purpose help our practice? Imagine this: I offer you a choice between accepting a 1-dollar noteContinue reading “Finding Purpose in the Practice”

Ahāra-monious growth

The Sanskrit word āhāra (आहार, pronounced: AA-ha-r) is synonymous with food or ‘nutritional input’. And if we grapple with this notion of ‘food’ a little more, a question crops up…can ‘food’ be more than just what lies on our plate? When we think of our bodies, the definition of ‘āhāra’ is fairly straightforward…what we eatContinue reading “Ahāra-monious growth”